Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy Curriculum

The curriculum listed below is the basics of what we teach. Come along to find out more.

Movement exercises
Gentle stretching exercises
Joint mobility exercises
Balance exercises
Co-ordination exercises

Eight Move One Step form
(See the Eight Move One Step Tai Chi form  video)
Eight Move Energy form
Dynamic form
Short Balance Form
Balance form
'Tri-Chi' combined form
24 Move short Yang style form
13 Move short Sun style form
Four Winds Form

5 Move Qigong
(See the Five Move Qigong video.)
5 Elements Qigong
Heaven and Earth Qigong
Zhan Zhuang
Shi Ba Shi (Pronounced 'she-ba-sher') 18 move Qigong 

Various Floating Hands exercises
Note: Floating Hands are the intersection of Application, Movement, and Qigong and serve as an interim substitute or precursor for partner work.

PARTNER WORK (due to Covid 19, participation in these exercises are optional)
Body awareness and relaxation
Energy awareness
Strength exercises
Self defence exercises

Notes re Partner Work:
'Energy awareness' - These are not exercises based on some 'New Age' or "Feel the force Luke" metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. It is simply training and refining your ability to respond to the physical energy given to you when someone either pushes or pulls you. It is both useful as an introduction to the self-defence aspects of Tai Chi as well as teaching you how to relax and improve your balance.
- - -
'Strength exercises' - These are specific exercises that help you gain the relaxed 'whole body' strength that is important in Tai Chi. These exercises are capable of being performed by almost anyone of any age.
- - -
'Self defence exercises' - These are either exercises or applications of the moves in Tai Chi that have a self defence purpose. However whilst they may be functionally suitable for use as self defence moves, they are mainly taught as a mechanism for you to understand how to use your whole body (rather than localised muscles) to perform tasks, which has health and longevity benefits.


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