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Tai Chi Grading

This page created 10th May 2024.

Grades, which are symbols of rank and achievement expressed by the wearing of a coloured sash (or optionally a coloured t-shirt). Are not unknown in Tai Chi but neither are they common. 

The reason for having grades and being graded is that some people like the structure it brings to their study and to their practice of the art. It is also a tangible way to measure your knowledge, ability, and progress.

I have had a way of grading students in Tai Chi for many years but it has always been a bit casual. A recent request from a gentleman who is used to the more formal grading systems found in Japanese and Korean martial arts prompted me to revisit the issue and the academy now has an optional but formal grading system in place.

As part of the grading process I will set you up with and maintain a regular study plan (on which we will liaise) so that you have a controlled development process.

You can look at the Tai Chi Grading Program (a .pdf document) by clicking here.

Note: There is no additional grading fee that needs to be paid in order to be graded, however you will need to attend a personal assessment either in-person or online via Zoom.

If after reading the document you would like further details, please contact me (Robert) on 07771 333 369 or via email at robert@ahtca.co.uk to discuss if this would be suitable for you.

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