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Yes of course you can (I bet you weren't expecting that answer) - you can injure yourself doing ANYTHING, even just sleep the wrong way and you can wake up with a sore neck!!! However, in general Tai Chi is VERY safe and you will be instructed in how to perform the movements and exercises in a safe way. Tai Chi is safer than many forms of exercise as so much of it is done deliberately and slowly.

I have arthritis in my left foot and it can be darn painful at times!!! But yes people with arthritis, even quite severe cases can and do practice Tai Chi. It may or may not alleviate the pain but it will probably teach you how to relax the muscles that tend to tense up, so you may extend your range of movement. Obviously, talk to your doctor as you should before starting any new exercise regime.

You have a medical condition and you are wondering if you can learn Tai Chi. Obviously first speak to your doctor. Then speak to the instructor. Then as an informed adult decide if you want to give it a go.

Over the many years we have been teaching we have trained people with a wide range of minor and serious ailments both physical and neurological. Will Tai Chi help you? I don't know, but come along and give it a go.

The NHS website has a page called 'A guide to tai chi' that sets out their opinions on the practice.

One of the things they say is "It’s a good idea to watch a class or attend a free taster session before signing up for a course." With us, you simply come along, take part in a session and pay the single session fee. There is no 'course fee' and no commitment - if you enjoy it, you keep coming back.

The NHS also say "If you have a medical condition or any health concerns, or haven’t exercised for a long time, speak to your GP before you start tai chi." - YES, please do check with your doctor before starting Tai Chi or indeed any form of physical activity.

This is a GREAT question. It's great because the answer is so complex that many, many books could be written about it. (And as I have authored a few books, that looks like a bit of an opportunity to me). However, I want to give you a quick and concise answer, so here goes...

NO and YES.

Maybe I should explain, there is not much likelihood of Tai Chi directly curing any ailment, however one of the benefits of practicing Tai Chi is increased mental and physical relaxation. Physical relaxation gives the body time to heal itself (and the body is capable of some amazing things) and mental relaxation reduces the amount of stress that you suffer from - being stressed inhibits the body's immune system, so being more relaxed allows the immune system to act more effectively.

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