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No, we have taught Tai Chi for over 30 years and have found that the best way for people to learn is in a mixed group where there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

It means that you can join a class at any time and there will always be a number of people that you can look at to see what is going on, rather than having to focus on just the instructor who may or may not be standing where you can see everything they are doing. It also makes partner work a LOT easier as more experienced people will help less experienced ones.

However if YOU would prefer to get an introduction to Tai Chi before joining a group class, come along and have a private lesson at our premises in Rushden.

Yes, there are lots of things that we teach that are not in the curriculum shown on this website. There would be no point in trying to list everything - for example, what on Earth are ‘Tea-cup exercises’? The best thing is to come along and try out a session and see if you find it useful and enjoyable.

No, there's virtually none. At the end of every session we form a circle and everybody salutes everybody else (Chinese style one hand open over a closed fist). This emphasises that your fellow students are just as important to your learning as are the instructors; and the instructors (That's Lee and myself) consider that you, the students are just as important as we are. 

In some Tai Chi schools it is traditional or even necessary (because of the school's rules) to call the instructor 'Sifu' or 'Master' or some such... In our Academy, Lee is called 'Lee' and I am called 'Robert'. We simply do not see any need for pomposity or titles. 

Whilst I'm very modern in most of the ways I teach, I am a bit of a traditionalist where gradings are concerned. As a general rule I do not grade students as 'back in the day' it simply wasn't done. However if a student wants to be graded, then for many years we have had in place a protocol that allows us to do so. If it is important to you that you be awarded grades as you progress then discuss it with me either before you come along (Call 07771 333 369) or at one of your first few sessions.

No, sorry, we don't. We are happy for you to train with your wife, husband, partner, child, parent, friend, etc., but our fees are pay-before-you-train, which means there is minimum admin involved in signing students into a class. So to offer discounts would mean additional admin and probably that would raise the fees for everyone.

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If you have ANY questions that are not answered above, please email info@ahmaa.co.uk or phone Robert on 07771 333 369.

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