August 2024 Tai Chi Courses

All courses organised by the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy are open to everyone. Come along, learn and enjoy...

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Saturday afternoon - 2 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.
Note - There will be a twenty minute break half way through the course.

August 17th - Grading Training

Saturday afternoon - 2 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.
Note - There will be a twenty minute break half way through the course.

For students wising to learn our Tai Chi and Qigong syllabus and optionally to prepare for grading. 
Everyone is welcome on this course, current students, new students, or prospective students.

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Cost 1 Person £20 - BUY NOW, 2 People £35 - BUY NOW, (2nd person can be spouse, partner, or a friend).

REFUND POLICY: You may cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the course and your payment will be carried forward against the next course (or training sessions) that you attend. Cancellation within 48 hours result in the forfeiture of your payment.

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Course reviews

(Most recent courses first)

Tai Chi Fan Form

"A belated thank you to you and Lee for the workshop last Saturday. We enjoyed the morning very much, and it was good to go over the two parts again as we had forgotten quite a lot. We find Tai Chi fan complements our usual practice so well and has a beauty all its own. Looking forward to the next workshop.

~ Pat & Barry Jones ~

Chen Style 11 Move Form

“The Chen style 11 form workshop was really great. The instruction was clear and having both Robert and his wife Lee to follow was a real bonus. This was my favourite workshop so far. I love the movement and flow of this form and I'm already practising the moves with the video Robert provided. Chen style is definitely more demanding physically so three hours was the right amount of time to become familiar with the form but not too exhausted to enjoy it. I'll definitely sign up for the next one.”

~ Joanna Stradling ~

Tai Chi Fan Form

“I’ve just spent a most enjoyable day at Robert’s studio learning the 3 parts of the fan form. I can’t say enough about Robert’s insight and ability to teach the tai chi forms.
He makes the experience both interesting and fun whilst ensuring that the forms are done correctly. I will look forward to including this new discipline in my practice.”

~ Lynne Simpson ~

“Thank you Robert for a really fun day with the fan form. Although I've practiced qigong for many years, I'm a newcomer to Tai Chi and have never handled a fan in this way before, however that didn't seem to matter at all. The instruction was clear and precise and dividing the form into 3 sections was really helpful. Opening and closing the fan in different directions was an art form in itself and at times was hilarious. The video you've provided is also really clear so I'm looking forward to practicing the whole form on a regular basis.”

~ Joanna Stradling ~

“We really enjoyed the seminar, with so much that we learnt. We appreciated your patience and great sense of humour. Now we're looking forward to receiving your videos and sheet of moves so that we can build on what we learnt. We hope that you can arrange another fan seminar some time in the future.”

~ Pat and Barry Jones ~

Tai Chi For Self Defence

“Thanks for a great session that really helped me understand the self defence context of several Tai Chi Chuan movements, and possibly more importantly, concepts of movement that we employ in all of the things we do in Tai Chi, from footwork to breathing to the importance of relaxation. The depth knowledge and experience that you bring to the training was really outstanding, and will really help me work on this aspect of our art in the future - many thanks and hope to train with you again.”

~ Dave Ashbey ~

“An extremely useful, informative and interesting day. Extremely fascinating to see how the tai chi forms are used in a self defence context, and Robert's extensive knowledge was very impressive. Highly recommend to anyone interested in tai chi and/or self defence.”

~ Richard Anderson ~

“Thank you for an incredible day. I have learned so much about an aspect of Tai chi that I have wanted to learn more about. You put both me and all of the other students at their ease and your enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I can highly recommend training with Robert and look forward to training with him again in the future.”

~ Jonathan Kirton ~

“Really enjoyed the 1 day Tai Chi Self Defence course. Everything was well explained and questions were always encouraged. I felt very relaxed and it was great to work with all the other members of the group. Looking forward to the next one!”

~ Paul Cleary ~

“The day of tai chi for self defence was so informative and so much fun. We learned many interesting moves that could be used in any given situation and the results were quite shocking to me. I found it doesn't matter about your height, size or gender, there is always something we can do to help ourselves if and when necessary. Robert emphasised throughout the day that talking your way out of a threat is the best way and trying to stay calm and relaxed is the first step in self defence. ”

~ Joanna Stradling ~

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the self defence tai chi day. Michelle is new to tai chi but is now looking forward to future events. As always your professionalism made everyone feel at ease amongst the diverse group. I personally was very interested in the different moves we do in our tai chi classes each week to how they can be used in self defence. Thank you again for your training and the knowledge passed on to us all.”

~ Liz Collings ~

Tai Chi For Relaxation

“Really enjoyed the Tai Chi relaxation session. The session was well explained and the time between each exercise followed by the subsequent discussion/feedback was spot on. Felt totally at ease and comfortable asking questions. Looking forward to the next one!”

~ Paul Cleary ~

“The day of tai chi and qigong for deep relaxation was very enjoyable. Robert expertly guided us through several techniques throughout the day with great explanations of the what, why and how to practice. Modern life can be really stressful so I thoroughly recommend this for everyone. We all need to learn how to relax properly it really helps our health and wellbeing.”

~ Joanna Stradling ~

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